FREE SHIPPING worldwide on Order over US$150

For Lazada and Shopee Dropshipping


If you want us to be your dropship supplier, you have to enable Lazada Global Shipping (LGS) and Shopee Logistic Service (SLS) this will let you and your supplier to send order to Lazada designated sorting center in overseas. 
如你需要我們成為你一件代發供應商,首先你的Lazada 和shopee店鋪開通 Lazada 全球物流服務 (LGS) and Shopee 跨境物流服務 (SLS)。

How we process your dropship order我們如何處理你一件代發:

1.Once you have order from your customer, place your order in our website (use your local currency) with your account and designated discount code and make a payment. 一旦你的店鋪有訂單,請在我們網站使用你的賬戶使用我們專屬給你的折扣碼下單(請使用你的本地貨幣,否則會產生額外貨幣轉換費)並支付。請注意,shipping address應該為你客人的送貨地址。

2.We will notify you when item is packed in brand-neutral packaging without any promotional materials from our own company and ready to ship.我们会使用中性包装,包装物料不含我们自己品牌和公司的宣传或者商标, 當商品打包完畢後我們會通知你。

3.Please choose sorting center:LGS-FM 41 (Lazada) or shopee SLS Shanghai 請在你的店鋪後台選擇配送中心,LGS-FM 41 (Lazada) or shopee SLS Shanghai

4.please download (1) invoice  (2) shipping  label and email with attached (1) (2) , your order # in our website 請在你自己的店鋪後台下載(1) invoice (2) 運輸面單 以及訂單號並郵件我們。我們將為你打印並放入包裹內。

5. Once we dispatch your order, please click Ready to Ship in your store 請在我們寄出商品第一時間在您店鋪後台點擊 Ready to Ship


About Shipping 有關運輸政策

We will comply with Lazada and Shopee shipping policies, we will pack and “Ready to Ship” within 2 business days and delivered to the sortation center within 7 calendar days, otherwise the order will be cancelled. 我們將會按照Lazada及Shopee運輸政策,在2個工作日內處理訂單並發送物料到配送中心,7個自然日內運送至配送中心。否則訂單將被取消。