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Hallmarking is required by law in the United Kingdom (UK). In fact, the UK has some of the strictest hallmarking laws. Every piece of jewellery sold in the UK that is made up of precious metal must be sent to one of four Assay Offices, where government employees will test each piece for the precious metal percentage, and then mark the piece with a hallmark.

Historically, hallmarks in the UK were made by punching the mark into the metal. Today, lasers are also used to etch the mark into the piece. The mark that is made depends on which of the four Assay Offices the piece was sent to, but the presence of the mark indicates that the piece was proven to contain the amount of precious metal that the jeweller advertises.

The law applies to everything SOLD in the UK , regardless of where it may have been manufactured. 

The only exemptions are items which fall beneath the specified weight thresholds which are 1 gram for gold, 7.78 grams for silver, 0.5 grams for platinum and 1 gram for palladium.  


ROYANI ®️ (REZ TRADING LIMITED) has registered Sponsor Mark with Goldsmith's Company Assay Office (

Process and handling steps for orders sending to UK  (except Articles with Exemption):
  1. We manually complete Hallmarking note ( an order form for Assay Office, describes the articles and metal, and give us an area to write any special instructions)

  2. Package Articles

  3. Send to Assay Office

  4. Test the article and hallmark

  5. Assay office distribute to you




In the US, hallmarking is not a legal requirement. Many US jewellery collectors instead look for maker’s marks to assure them that a piece is of high quality. The problem is that maker’s marks are not regulated, so there is no way to connect a maker’s mark to a process that proves a piece is advertised honestly. In fact, in the US, there is no legal requirement to even register a maker’s mark. It is simply up to the maker to add their mark as they wish.

Some US companies that have large markets in the UK, do send their jewelry to UK Assay Offices to be hallmarked, so that they can legally sell their pieces overseas. For US customers who want assurances that a piece is advertised honestly, shopping with a company that follows this practice could be a safer bet than shopping elsewhere. But it’s important to note that there are no legal procedures for checking the quality of jewelry in the US before it is sold.